She Said Destroy - Bleeding Fiction

Authors of one of the best metal albums released in 2008 the great “This City Speaks in Tongues”, Norwegians She Said Destroy are back with a new EP featuring just one theme that lasts for nearly 28 minutes.
Now divided between three different countries, which may explain the delay in the writing of a new full-length album, She Said Destroy will surely surprise some of their older fans with this new creation. Gone are those unbridled explosions of rage that the band were happy to unleash before, and in its place there’s a newfound fondness for a evolving post-metal atmosphere that hints at Ghost Brigade and Cult of Luna.
But that’s not to say they’ve lost their edge, far from it. “Bleeding Fiction” still offers plenty of hammering moments sustained mostly on crushing riffs and the fierce roars of Mr. Anders Bakke. Yet, whereas in the past SSD would engulf the listeners in maelstrom of violence and chaos, this new effort also sees them wandering through passages of contemplative calm and melancholy that superbly counterbalance the more rabid side if their music.
“Bleeding Fiction” essentially reminds us of SSD talents as song writers and most important, that there’s still life in them and we may not yet have seen the best of them. (8.4/10)

Luca Niero