Superchrist - Holy Shit

First thing I thought when I saw the name of the album and title of this album was that it was going to be a Black Metal album full of blasphemy, or possibly a Blackened Death Metal band. However, nothing could be further from the truth as Superchrist play some down and dirty Hard Rock and metal al la Motorhead and Iron Maiden.
Old school heavy metal has been getting lots of love lately with all sorts of bands getting into the sounds of the 70s and 80s and Superchrist is obviously one of the best of the bunch.
Unlike a band like Cauldron who are obviously copping the sound for commercial success Superchrist do not come off as a gimmick. Instead they come across as the real deal: Guys who play this style because they love it, not because they want to follow a trend.
The band will most likely be compared to Motorhead due to the vocalist's similarity to Lemmy, and the band definitely is similar to them, but they are far from clones.
This is some good stuff that I hope catches on with the metal community in general. Absolute highlights are the songs "Black Thunder", "Run to the Night" and "PAMF". Pick this up when it releases as this is some damn good stuff. (8/10)