Witchtrap - Vengeance is My Name

Witchtrap's "Vengeance is My Name" will probably get overlooked by all but the most hardcore of metal fans. This is too bad as the band have a great 80s era thrash sound. To my earrs, Witchtrap sounds better than most of the other "retro thrash" bands out there, with the band sounding musically like a cross between "Reign in Blood" era Slayer and the "Peace Sells" version of Megadeth.
Musically there is nothing revolutionary here, but the thing about retro metal that makes it so great is the fact that musically and lyrically it's pure escapism.
There are no lyrics about the state of the world and how depressing everything is rather these songs are about rebellion, violence and banging your head.
If you're hankering for the good old days when the "Big 4" made good music, pick up "Vengeance is My Name", put on your denim vest and headbang your troubles away with Witchtrap. (8/10)