Wizard Rifle - Speak Loud, Say Nothing

Wizard Rifle are a very, very odd band. Odd in the sense that their music is quite frankly indescribable in that it is so schizophrenic. One moment the band is playing speed metal a la Megadeth, and the next they sound like Cream and then they start heavy and get into sludge metal. A really weird mix that at times can be refreshing, and at other times frustrating, kind of similar to how "Angel Dust" era Faith No More is generally either praised as genius or scoffed at as the worst piece of shit ever.
The pictures that the guys have released of themselves on the net, show that they do not take themselves very seriously so I'm pretty sure that the haters will get scant attention from the band.
While I can't say that "Speak Loud, Say Nothing" is genius, I also don't think it's horrible either. It's different that's for sure,but it also has some really great moments and some of those moments came right after a part I hated. For example at about the 3:00 minute mark on "Nobody" I thought the song would never end, when suddenly the band chugged into an awesome riff that blew me away. I have a funny feeling though that the album is a bit of a grower and that in a month or two I will be kicking myself for even thinking that parts of this album weren't very good. (7/10)