Diseim - Holy Wrath

I liked "Holy Wrath" way more than I should have. When I saw that the band was described as "old school sludge/death metal from Latvia" I thought that the album was going to be a painful experience to get through. Then when opening track "Black" came on and had some weird laughing snarling thing going on, I was sure the album was going to be horrible.
A funny thing happened though: The album got good. I don't mean like album of the year good, but good as in I want to listen to this album again and not delete it off my hard drive after reviewing it good.
After the first initial annoying minute with "Black" the song turned into a pretty decent, catchy song-Not incredibly fast but a good mid-paced opener that had me enjoying the song. The next song, title track "Holy Wrath" continued this trend of a nice catchy song with some really good vocals that crossed between the traditional death growls and more screechy black metal type vocals at time. The band has a good grasp of songwriting as well and I can see them doing quite well in the future with a couple more albums under their belt.
Highlight tracks of the album are "Witch", "Back" and "Holy Wrath". Check the band out and then pick the album up. I would love to see these guys make another album as this one was quite impressive. (7/10)