HeXen - Being And Nothingness

On their second full-length effort, Los-Angels based thrashers continue to churn out a memorable, aggressive and no-frills thrash metal onslaught that will appeal to fans of Testament, old Megadeth and Exodus. “Being and Nothingness” really sounds like a record that some of these bands could have made during the height of their early years, offering nine crushing tunes that masterfully recapture the whole spirit and energy of the glory days of speed and thrash. 
Still, unlike most of other retro thrash acts that execute this kind of stuff with an one-dimensional approach focused on high-speed rhythms and non-stop aggression, Hexen dig into a meatier, more dynamic strain of thrash, showing a greater emphasis on guitar harmonies and blistering leads. The songs are aggressive and hard-hitting but also fairly catchy with plenty of galloping riffs and memorable harmonies that nod at classic, vintage Metallica like in “Walk as Many, Stand as One”. 
Even though the boys thrash hard in true old school style and have crafted some really slamming songs, “Being and Nothingness” doesn’t sound wholly breathtaking or essential. It’s an entertaining thrash album that will surely overflow older fans of the style with a feeling of nostalgia, yet not more than that. That said those of you that worship nothing but the unadulterated thrash attack of acts like Testament, Exodus, early-day Megadeth and Dark Angel and will surely find plenty here to keep you satisfied. (7/10) 


Label info: www.pulverised.net