Kraanium - Post Mortal Coital Fixation

Before getting very far into this review, let me state one thing: I absolutely love horror in all forms of entertainment. I love horror books, I love horror films, I love horror games and I love death and black metal. I also don’t mind the horror that has some gore in it: I enjoyed the movie Saw, I like Richard Laymon's novels and I've listened to Cannibal Corpse a few times. Now, gore for gore's sake however I'm not into. I see no point to it and have no idea how people get into it.
Why am I bringing up gore and horror? Because Kraanium is one of those "cutting edge" bands whose whole focus is on gore and gross outs. Now, like I said gore in context and moderation is fine but when your album is titled "Post Mortal Coital Fixation" and your songs are called such family friendly names as "Orgy of Cannibalistic Fornication", I'm sorry but I just can't take you seriously. I also feel kind of embarrassed that I may have to explain to my wife why a song called "Bursting Rectal Sores" landed on my Last.Fm profile.
Now, I could take the embarrassment and even put up with names such as the above and other songs like "Crack Whore Pounding" if the music was good (c'mon guys! Fucking "Crack Whore Pounding"???), but unfortunately it's not. This is generic death metal with fucking pig squealing as vocals half the time!
Avoid this please. I personally have no interest in listening to an album with the song "Slurping Vaginal Pus" on it. I kept thinking this album must be some kind of joke, but sadly I’m afraid it's not. (2) 


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