My Dynamite - My Dynamite

My Dynamite are an Australian band who are quite similar in style to the Black Crowes. In fact, they are so similar in style that I several times had to shut off my the album to make sure I hadn't actually put on a Black Crowes album. As anybody who's read any of my reviews will know, I personally have no problem with bands who emulate another band in style, as long as they have quality songs and do it convincingly (See my review of Katana). The question becomes then, do My Dynamite have quality songs and do they do their homage convincingly? The answer is, a resounding YES!
Now, the next question would be: Since the Crowes themselves were a homage to bands like Led Zeppelin, The Faces and the Rolling Stones should you even bother listening to My Dynamite or just skip them entirely? The answer to that would be: It depends. Many readers of this site wouldn't be caught dead listening to the Black Crowes, so to those readers I will tell you to just skip them entirely. For those who like the whole bluesy, 60s, retro type sound I would totally recommend these guys. I do have to warn you though: When I say that these guys sound like the Black Crowes. I mean it. Since it's been a few years since I'd listened to the Crowes, I actually went and put on "The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion" just to be sure I wasn't crazy that they sounded alike. And yes, sure enough they do. Now, the only problem is that My Dynamite aren't quite there in terms of song writing as the Crowes were on their first albums. If they can get up to a point where they can write songs like "She Talks to Angels", "Remedy" and "Sting Me", they will be a force to be reckoned with, but for now they are just a good (but not excellent) homage band. (7/10) 


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