Royal Thunder - CVI

It is hard to call the debut album from Atlanta rock band Royal Thunder anything other than stunning, it really is that impressive. “CVI” is a triumphant feast of rock music which leaves one searching for true and expansive enough adjectives to place upon it. The band brought ears and attention to bear with their debut EP of 2010 but “CVI” surpasses that with a creativity and aural grandeur which is nothing short of brilliant.
The quartet of vocalist/bassist Mlny Parsonz, guitarists Josh Weaver and Josh Coleman, and drummer Lee Smith, bring weaves and conjurations of classic rock, southern tinged blues, and progressive artistry into a pulsating and hypnotic blend with added veins of stoner and metal rippling throughout.
Drawing influences from the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Cradle, Electric Wizard and Black Tusk to name a few, the album is an unpredictable fire of twists and turns to leave one persistently surprised, continually eager, and fully drenched in satisfaction, quite simply it is majestic.
Released via Relapse Records, the album and its imagination as well as each individual invention is awe inspiring but it is the vocals of Parsonz which seals the adoration, her delivery and voice an additional beacon of splendour. From the opening track ‘Parsonz Curse’, she teases and mesmerises the ear with scorched passion and elevated beauty, her irresistible varied path matched musically by the band.
Every song is a highlight, the likes of the magnetic ‘Whispering World’ bursting with a siren glow and emotive force, the anthemic 'No Good' unrelenting and insatiable, and the sensational ‘Blue’, leave one breathless and inspired. The last of these three is a fully contagious piece of songwriting, from its wonderful evocative instrumental leading into the heart of the song, to the immense craft and staggering imagination which evolves as the song ventures far and wide.
‘South Of Somewhere’ is another sensational track amongst many, its seemingly chilled heart and initial remote presence a ruse for the wantonness to follow. As it draws one in with its mesmeric charms the track erupts into a fury of punk attitude and metal intensity, it is pure addiction and impossible to tear oneself away from.
“CVI” is richly diverse and insistently imaginative, the album not wasting a note or sound. Royal Thunder has introduced themselves fully with a collection of songs of such pulsating quality and heated melodic magnitude, the result quite simply magnificent. (9/10) 

Pete RingMaster 

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