Scythe - Beware the Scythe

Fans of the sadly defunct Usurper will be thrilled to know that the former vocalist/guitarist of the Chicago-based band Rick Scythe is back with a new group and more vintage, crushing metal. 
Unsurprisingly, the band’s debut album “Beware the Scythe” picks up where Usurper last left off with “Criptobeast” and that’s no-frills, death-thrash metal with an old-school bent. Once “The Iron Witch” bursts from the speakers it becomes immediately clear that Rick Scythe still doesn’t give two shits about trends and remains true to his old-school influences, delivering a sleek, heavy and intense metal monster that pummel the ears with the same intensity of Usurper, Impiety and Warhammer.
We’re talking about nine tracks of vintage thrash and death metal, characterized by a crushing and nasty guitar work with some greasy riffs that exude a classic rock vibe, crisp drumming, thick bass lines and venomous vocals. The pace is varied meaning that you can bang your head until your neck aches to relentless bashers like the aforementioned “The Iron Witch”, “Tunguska Death Ray” and “Eye of the Crow”, and raise your horns and mouth the words to more mid-paced tunes like “Mastermind”, “Beware the Scythe” and “Opus Dei of the Dead”. 
“Beware the Scythe” offers little in the way of surprises, but its vintage vibe and firm grip on lurching some trash-death metal that is heavy on sheer aggression and short on frills makes it a really worthwhile listen. (7/10) 


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