Burning Love - Rotten Thing to Say

After the stunning “Songs for Burning Lovers” on Deranged Records, former Cursed vocalist Chris Colohan retakes the offensive once more with Burning Love and offer us their second full-length, “Rotten Thing To Say”, a potent blend of punk roughness, rock n roll sleaziness and hardcore aggression.
While Burning Love are not as incendiary or raucous as Cursed were, these songs still pack some furious punch as their share the same fascination for a piss n’ vinegar, boisterous attitude as songs like “Tremors” and “Pigs City 1” clearly illustrate.
Yet, on the overall, Burning Love are more about a catchy rock n’ roll craziness and less about musical disorder and anarchy. It’s all about the power of the riff, and these riffs are brilliantly catchy, the guitar work of both Pat Marshall and Andrus Meret on songs like “Karla”, “Superstitious Friend” and “The Body” emanates an incredible infectious energy that is impossible not to enjoy.
Clocking in at slightly over 35 minutes, “Rotten Thing to Say” features a great production that heightens the songs' impact, courtesy of Converge's Kurt Ballou, and is a great, great record that will surely restore your faith in good and sleazy punk n’ roll. (8/10) 

David Alexandre 

Label info: www.southernlord.com