Def-Con-One - Warface

Ex-Venom drummer Anton Lant's Def-Con-One project consists of 12 groove metal songs that wouldn't sound out of place next to Lamb of God or Pantera. As the songs are such a far stretch from Venom, I was a bit surprised when opening song "Never Look Back" blasted through the speakers. The chugging riffs and clean to shouted vocals remind more of "As the Palaces Burn" or even more aptly "Far Beyond Driven" then anything Venom has ever done.
Seeing as I am not much of a fan of this style I can't say the album floored me. That bring said the band do play this style very well and will appeal to fans of thrashy groove metal. Surprisingly some of the songs even got me reaching for repeat, particularly the title track.
While the band wont be giving Lamb of God a run for their money this is solid stuff. (5.5/10)

Curtis Dewar