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Consumed with a modest amount of herbal supplements (as Al Cisernos and Emile Amos likely intended), Om's Advaitic Songs is an expansive mindfuck of an album. I won't even bother printing the bullshit I wrote on my first go. In the clearheaded light of day, their follow-up to 2009's God is Good displays an elegance and musician's touch that the band has hinted at on previous releases, but never really hit until now. Advaitic Songs is, without doubt, the finest work we've yet seen from the experimental-drone duo, and it offers a wonderful listening experience for fans of the genre and newcomers alike.
Om toyed with expanding their sound on God is Good by mixing piano and classical strings with Al Cisernos' rumbling, groovy basslines and Amos' hypnotic drumming. Advaitic Songs continues this trend wonderfully, with tambura, piano and cello swirling in and out of each of the album's five lengthy tunes. 'Addis', the album's opener, throws in a sumptuous chant from a female singer that conjures up dust storms and desert heat. As with any Om album, the focus in Advaitic Songs is on creating a spiritual experience, and songs like 'Addis' and the album's closer, 'Haqq al- Yaqin', beautifully form a sense of mystical energy. Cisernos' lyrics are obscure and shrouded in metaphor and Biblical language. They're difficult to wrap your head around, but his delivery is a spot-on half-whispered chant. Om has never sounded more in control of whatever it is they're trying to conjure up with their music. Advaitic Songs is barely a metal album in a lot of respects ('State of Non-Return' is the heaviest song on the album, and even then only for a moment), but there's a palpable weight to each song, so calling it heavy wouldn't be an injustice.
Om's sound is likely not for every metal listener; songs are long, spacey, and embrace spirituality in a very positive (and also very broad) sense. It's my bet that if your music collection begins and ends with Darkthrone, you're not gonna dig this. But fans of Om's previous work, experimental metal fans, and armies of stoners and psychedelia lovers will think this is great. It's a deeply pleasant and tangible listening experience. It's also Om's best work to date, and it makes me genuinely anxious for the next offering from Cisneros and Amos, if only to see how they might top themselves here. (9/10) 

Chris Wright 

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