Purified In Blood - Flight Of A Dying Sun

Two years on from their much lauded second album “Under Black Skies”, Norwegians Purified In Blood are back with a new effort and minus a lead singer following the departure of one of their two vocalists, Mr. Glenn Reaper. Not that this change affects or hinders the impact of their hardcore-fuelled death metal attack as the band sounds fiercer and angrier than ever on “Flight Of A Dying Sun”, plus sole vocalist Hallgeir pulls out an incredibly monstrous performance.
Whether they're merging some raucous black metal with some punk fury as in “Mot Grav” or plunging into some groovy death n’ roll ala Entombed like in “Iron Hands”, Purified In Blood sound like their ready to destroy here. Approach with caution ‘cause this one is a killer record. (8/10)

David Alexandre