Spineshank - Anger Denial Acceptance

No matter what you think of the returning Spineshank’s new album there is no dismissing the anger and venom which soaks every note and word within its walls. Guitarist Mike Sarkisyan stated "Some of us were going through divorces, others lost people very close to them and that's what basically surrounded us during the creative process." This emotional turmoil and its heightened shadows inspired an openly evident atmosphere on Anger Denial Acceptance for a release bruising and raging storm.
The release sees the original line-up re-united for this their fourth and first album in nine years. Released via Century Media Records, Anger Denial Acceptance shows glimpses of the band which inspired many at the time of The Height Of Callousness. Their sound though is less defined but certainly more aggressive and the band at its angriest. To be honest the release does not bring anything new seems still seeded in the sounds of a decade ago but it is undeniably satisfying.
The band goes straight for the jugular with the opening ‘After The End’, the track a fury of senses buffeting riffs and growling intensity forged with raging passion. From its initial storm the song takes a breath prowling and lurching from one mighty stomp to another like a predator before riling up the engine for another combative assault. (7/10)

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Pete RingMaster 

Label info: www.centurymedia.com