Titans Eve - Life Apocalypse

Though not a release which has excitement boiling over, Life Apocalypse the second album from Canadian thrash band Titans Eve definitely makes for a thoroughly pleasing time. The album is the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut The Divine Equal of last year, and to be honest is pretty similar. Possibly there should be and is disappointment that there is no noticeable evolution in the sound of the band, but as accomplished and satisfying as it is on Life Apocalypse, it is hard to be over critical.
As mentioned the album is from the same pool which flavoured its predecessor, ensuring more of the thrash/death metal sound inspired by the early nineties with raw hardcore driven vocals. The band infuses this with their own invention to make for a fresh and infectious sound though in the twelve months between albums it has not really ventured further on. It is very satisfying and inciteful to the ear but up against other new releases similarly inspired, like the debut EP from Irish band Three Hour Ceasefire, it is left in the shade.
From the opening intro ‘Overcast’, a brief atmosphere building instrumental, the album pounces with the growling ‘Destined to Die’. The track stomps with urgent rampant riffs to fire up the pulse rate whilst the vocals, solo and group, flow with anthemic energy. It is not a track to stretch boundaries but as an infectious lead into the album it is effectively up to the challenge.
The album raises its game through the following ‘Road To Ruin‘and subsequent tracks like ‘The Abyss’ and the title track. The first is a brew of gruff vocals, badgering riffs, and heated melodic thought which ensures a strong engagement throughout. The other two continue the vibrant feel and contagiousness of the invention to make for further aural food for the ear to enjoy. It has to be said though that there is no explosive element to the songs or album as a whole, it occasionally suggests it is on the verge of breaking out but nothing ignites in to a storm as it should and one hopes.
As the album draws to a close ‘Hollow Gods’ and ‘Divided We Fall’ do offer a more riled breath whilst the closing ‘Void’ delivers a swagger which is hard to resist, but there is nothing to elevate Life Apocalypse to be anything more than a strong and pleasing release. 

Pete RingMaster 

Band info: www.titanseve.com