Zonaria - Arrival Of The Red Sun

Four years following the release of their second record “The Cancer Empire”, Swedish/American combo Zonaria have returned with another album full of crushing guitar riffs, solid melodies and commanding leads. Now signed to French label Listenable Records, the band have relied on the same formula that made their previous effort such an instant grabber, although this time they’ve thrown an extra dose of brutality into the mix. The striking melodies and orchestral moments are still present and provide such a wonderful contrast to their more brutal side, but for the most part “Arrival Of The Red Sun” doesn’t mess around.
Marching quickly onward, the band goes for the jugular on every song, blending brutal, thick riffs with crushing grooves and pummelling rhythms that reminds us of later, groovier Hypocrisy and to some extent Samael. Both “The Blood That Must Be Paid” and “Face My Justice” display a quasi-industrial, groovy vibe that is reminiscent of the Swiss. 
We can safely say that these guys certainly know what they're doing and it's pretty much impossible to figure out anything worth complaining about on “Arrival Of The Red Sun”. Sure it’s nothing new, but it’s superbly well done, sure to please fans of Swedish bands such as Hypocrisy and Devian. 

David Alexandre 

Label info: www.listenable.net