Krömosom - Live Forever | Review

The press release states that crust-punkers Krömosom motto is: noisier, nastier and rawer. 
And indeed it will be rather hard to find a filthier and rawer record out there thanLive Forever”. But damn, that is so rude and abrasive that it reminds me of a band that I had in my teens, whose main goal was to simply annoy the neighbors with the noisiest, loudest and most corrosive shit that we could make. Some of these songs will make your ears bleed, as if someone was sticking rusty nails in your eardrums.
“Live Forever” is actually a compilation of songs already available in several splits and 12” LPs and it’s perfectly clear that this was from more than one session. While some songs exhibit some decent production work, at least for d-beat/punk standards, others sound as if they had been recorded in most disgusting toilet on Australia, where this bunch comes from. 
If you dig your punk/crust harsh and raw as Anti-Cimex and Discharge circa 81, then snatch “Live Forever” ´cause Krömosom are exactly for you. If you don’t, you probably stopped reading after the first paragraph. (6.8)