Rotten Sound - Species at War | Review

Before they start focusing on the successor of their acclaimed seventh album “Cursed” and just a few days before embarking on a new European tour with Martyrdöd and Enabler, Finnish grinders Rotten Sound release a new EP entitled "Species at War" to celebrate their 20th anniversary.
Consisting of six tracks that last just over a brief eight minutes, this new effort is no different than what Rotten Sound have offered us in past works, that’s a ridiculously intense, fast and heavy grind. Get ready to suffer a mighty beating for "Species at War" is the equivalent of being inside the octagon (that’s a ring for none UFC aficionados) for two rounds, constantly undergoing some punishing and severe blows.
“Cause” opens the hostilities with relentless blastbeats, a fast and violently intense riffing and Keijo Niinimaa’s caveman growls, while the next track “The Game” sees the band adding more of that slower Swedish death metal groove to the forefront, taming their rabid grind into a catchier, more memorable beast. Both “The Solution” and “Salvation” recapture that crunchy Swedish death metal sound, sounding like Entombed on amphetamines. Then, there’s the ironically titled “Peace” at the finale, which sounds anything but peaceful with Rotten Sound playing a furious grind set for maximum destruction.
Needleless to say that “Species At War” is a valuable addition to the collection of any grindcore fan. 

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