The Secret - Agnus Dei | Review

It’s no secret that we’re huge admirers of Italy’s most raging and vile musical export The Secret, their third full-length and Southern Lord debut “Solve et Coagula” was highly praised in these pages two years back when it was released.
Now, the hardcore-infused, nihilistic black metallers return with another shattering album that is even more chaotic, noisy and ferocious than its predecessor.
“Agnus Dei” is nothing if not abrasive and filthy in every way, with The Secret delivering frantic tempos, ripping riffs and piercing screams. These guys are pissed-off and the songs are simply relentless.
The band can go from some storming black-metal ("Darkness I Became" and "Post Mortem Nihil Est" for example) to some filthy, crusty sludge (“Heretic Temple” and “Vermin of Dust”) without ever loosing intensity or its sense of repugnance.
Bands like The Secret show no respect for the physical and mental health of their listeners, they simply force you take notice and remind you what extreme, hostile music is all about. (8) 

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