Corpus Mortale - Fleshcraft | Review

When Martin Rosenthal departed from The Cleansing in 2010, the bassist didn’t stay idle for long and soon reactivated Corpus Mortale, putting together a new album with intentions to deliver the same brutal and bottom-end death metal that characterized their previous efforts. The Danish group hasn’t strayed from the path they forged twenty years ago, neither have they lost their brutal edge on this new release, but rather show some consistency in their musicianship and song-craft than only comes with ageing. As a result, “Fleshcraft” offers some solid and tight death metal with an old-school vibe, but with a slightly more polished production than most of their peers. Muddy guitars, raging solos paired with some blasting drumming and guttural growls reign heavily throughout these ten songs, sounding like a killer combination of Immolation with Hate Eternal. However, Corpus Mortale are not playing straight ahead for the whole 42 minutes and occasionally throw in some mid-tempos grooves to spice things up a bit.
The saying, "good things come to those who wait" rings absolutely true here as “Fleshcraft” is arguably Corpus Mortale's best release to date. Their fans won’t be disappointed. 

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