Kvelertak | Mix-Tape

Pentagram - Sign of the Wolf (Pentagram) 
Pentagram  (1985)
Awesome doom, one of my favorite bands! 

Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser
Gravity X (2005)
Badass Swedish stoner-rock. Perfect roadtrip-soundtrack. That's why were bringing them on tour, hehe. 

El Doom & The Born Electric - It's Electric
El Doom & The Born Electric (2012)
Norwegian heavy prog rock, if you're a fan of stuff like Mastodon I think you'll be into this. Another great band we're bringing on tour! 

Smoke Mohawk - Squaw Woman
Viva el Heavy Man (2012)
Catchy Norwegian retro-stoner-rock with people from bands like Gluecifer and We. 

The Good, the bad and the Zugly - Socks and Shoes 
Anti World Music (2013)
Another badass Norwegian band, they basically sound like a mix between old Turbonegro and Silver. The sample in the middle of this song is genious! 

Purified in Blood - Mind is Fire
Flight of a Dying Sun (2012)
An awesome cocktail of black metal, thrash and hardcore. Good friends of us from our hometown who inspired us alot in the live department when we were starting out! 

Nettlecarrier - Demoriel 
Nettlecarrier (2012)
Old school cold Norwegian black metal. This band consists of all the members of my black metal sideproject Djevel except for me, check it out! 

Blue Öyster Cult - Vengeance (The Pact)
Fire of Unknown Origin (1981)
I was pretty inspired by this album when I wrote the lyrics for "Meir", there's just something about melting eyes and arrows penetrating heads that appeals to me! 

Check out the official video for Purified In Blood's track "Mind Is Fire" below.