Man The Machetes - Idiokrati | Review

While searching for some background info on Man the Machetes, I noticed they often get compared to Kvelertak, which is a bit unavoidable considering both bands have some things in common. They’re both from Norway, sing in their mother tongue, are signed to Indie Recordings and most importantly, both acts churn out an explosive blend of metal-influenced hardcore fury with a punk ‘n’ roll snot. But while their compatriots Kvelertak merge some black metal bitterness into their sound, Man the Machetes are more hardcore driven, and they don’t show any hesitations in incorporating some pop melodies into the music when they deem it necessary (“Neo-Cowboy" is good example). Plus, they’ve both the musical ability and the distinct attitude to escape the accusations of plagiarism.
To try to pick a track that stands out is kind of silly, as all ten songs on the album have that similar vibe and sound that will make you want to start a brawl at some cheap bar. It’s almost impossible to remain indifferent to the killer guitar riffs and infectious melodies that abound here.
While Man the Machetes do show some similarities with Kvelertak, it would be a shame to overlook them as mere clones for "Idiokrati" is an exciting debut record that burns with youthful energy and bad temper. 

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