Intronaut – Habitual Levitations | Review

Intronaut might not play as ferociously as they did when they started out seven years ago, but they still sound incredibly strong and engaging. Fans who disapproved the shift in direction towards a more progressive and less aggressive sound evidenced on “Valley of Smoke”, most likely will not appreciate this new record either as it is considerably less punishing and much more ethereal. “Habitual Levitations” continues along the same path explored on previous effort, but with a bit more polish and saccharine. They don't seek to pummel listeners with crushing riffs or fierce vocals anymore; instead they now fully embrace their progressive and jazzy influences, delivering a rapturous record full of moments of striking beauty. Songs like “Killing Birds with Stones” and “Milk Leg” are incredibly captivating, enhanced by the charming vocal melodies of Sacha Dunable that along with smooth proggy nuances transport listeners to an ethereal, dreamlike atmosphere.
Unlike some of their peers who often get lost in overly technical details, Intronaut have always possessed a strong sense of restraint and a good understanding of songcraft, and in this particular field “Habitual Levitations” truly excels. These songs are all brilliantly constructed pieces of proggy-metal with jazzy nuances and all performances are in perfect sync.
“Habitual Levitations” shows a group in ascendancy mode, pushing boundaries and evolving their sound. Essentially a pleasant surprise that gets better with each listen. 

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