Kongh – Sole Creation | Review

With their follow-up to 2009’s “Shadows of the Shapeless” full-length, Swedish doomsters Kongh continue their long-running tradition of crafting long songs that overpass the ten-minute mark. Featuring just four songs clocking in at nearly 45 minutes, “Sole Creation” sees the Swedish trio mining the same heavy, slow and bleak doom style they’ve been playing over their previous two efforts, but this time around they’re incorporating aspects of psychedelic and progressive rock into their sound. The heaviness and their intrinsic gloominess are still present, but this new effort reveals a greater emphasis on dynamics and greater exploration of melody, especially in the vocalizations of David Johannson. Along with his sinister growls and agonising rasps the singer and guitarist now makes use of his epic wails more often, and with a greater confidence I must add.
The title and opening song establishes the creative stretch, blending heavy riffs with epic melodies while Johannson alternates between some anguished growls on the verses and some otherworldly vocal harmonies on the chorus. It’s the combination of these disparate elements that makes “Sole Creation” such a good listen. Highly recommended!

Band info: www.kongh.net
Label info: www.agoniarecords.com