Kvelertak – Meir | Review

I’m pretty sure that you’ve read numerous raves about “Meir” already and perhaps there’s nothing left to say about Kvelertak’s sophomore record. However, I’m still inclined to write a few words about it and state, or better yet, restate that it is a killer album. But, just before I justify why this is a killer record, let me just say that “Meir” is essentially a big middle finger to anyone that wrote them off a one-trick pony or anyone that thought they would tame down their wild and potent sound just because they now belong to a big-sized label like Roadrunner. This is a band doing what the fuck they want and doing fucking well.
That said, “Meir” sees Kvelertak sticking to the same formula that made their self-titled debut album such a joyous ode to the power of the riff and I doubt someone will blame them for that. Yep, the formula remains the same, a Molotov cocktail blending incendiary styles like garage-rock, punk-hardcore and black-metal, but now it seems to be more refined and cohesive than before, but no less potent or authentic. “Meir” is infectious from start to finish, filled with killer riffs and magnificent sing-along choruses (it’s Norwegian I know, but we can always hum). Numbers like “Bruane Brenn” and “Evig Vandrar”, in particular, showcase the band’s knack for writing ultra-catchy, hard-driving punk-rock tunes with just enough grime to mess with your entrails.
As I said on the first paragraph, it’s a killer record. 

Band info: www.facebook.com/Kvelertak
Label info: www.roadrunnerrecords.com


  1. It’s more like the most overhyped band of the world.