Nails - Abandon All Life | Review

Sometimes you look at a band and you just know they’re going to hit you hard and fast, and California’s Nails are exactly one of those bands. Their second album “Unsilent Death” released two years ago, offered us a violent concoction of grind, crust, hardcore and metal in just fourteen minutes. This one doesn’t mess around either. Clocking at a mere eighteen minutes, “Abandon All Life” gets in, beats you hard, and gets out just before you know what hit you.
Nails waste no time and get straight to the point with opener "In Exodus", which displays blindingly fast, crusty guitars and throat-shredding vocals. I’m actually a bit worried about vocalist Todd Jones, because anyone who thrashes their voice like he does would need a lifetime supply of throat syrups or in the worst case surgery. Most of the songs fly fast with the explosive power of a high-caliber bullet, only “Wide Open Wound” and final track “Suum Cuide” show the band ease off on the gas pedal and slow down a bit to churn some crushing, mid-tempo riffs.
This is one of the nastiest and heaviest slabs of extreme music you are likely to hear this year. But then, I guess you weren’t expecting any subtleties with an album title like that, were you? 

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