Blood Red Throne – Blood Red Throne | Review

Since forming in 1998, Norwegian death metal veterans Blood Red Throne have seen more members getting in and out of the band than a brothel-house in Amsterdam. Surprisingly, despite the numerous line-up changes they have always preserved their identity and stick to their roots, churning out six albums of classic, Florida-styled brutal death metal. Their seventh and self-titled effort offers more of the same, great death metal riffs, powerful double kick-drums and aggressive growls, all delivered with a vicious, brutal intensity. These guys prove their skill at handling both cranked-up, fast death assaults and slower grooves just fine here and they even spice things up by adding some epic, melodic guitar solos like in ‘Torturewhore’ for instance.
There’s no denying that Blood Red Throne are competent musicians and know exactly what they’re doing, but unfortunately, this new effort simply lacks originality and offers the listeners nothing new. Sure it’s a competent and solid death album with some killer riffs that kick ass, but ultimately it fails to stick in our heads. There's not much more that can be said about it, it’s simply more of what they've always done. It’ll impress at first listens and then it will be filed away and sadly forgotten.

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