Entrails - Raging Death | Review

Sweden’s Entrails are back with their third length release of early Entombed-worshipping death metal, the aptly titled ‘Raging Death.’ Their previous two efforts, ‘Tales from the Morgue’ and ‘The Tomb Awaits’ were pretty satisfying doses of blasting, raw old school Swedish styled death metal, blending some nasty and vicious buzzsaw riffage with some bone-crushing rhythms and caveman growls, and this new work is simply a continuation of that style and approach. No surprises here then, die hard death metal fans will surely rejoice at the pulverising rawness and crushing brutality that emanates from tracks like ‘In Pieces,’Carved to the Bone’ and ‘Cadaverous Stench.’ That chainsaw, gut-wrenching guitar tone is one of the hallmarks of this album and truly sounds like it was committed to tape by the legendary Tomas Skogsberg at his infamous Sunlight Studios. I simply love it when the riffs literally threaten to rip off the flesh from the bones, and here you almost taste the stench of torsos getting chainsawed in half. ‘Raging Death’ recaptures that Sunlight rancid style perfectly, without trying to innovate or alter it in any way. Entrails simply want to carry on a very worthy legacy started by Entombed and Dismember years ago, and having said that, ‘Raging Death’ is a commendable work that any old school death metal enthusiast must have.

Band info: www.facebook.com/Entrails666
Label info: www.metalblade.com