Demon Lung - The Hundredth Name | Review

Demon Lung hail from the luminous and exuberant city of Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, where entertainment never ends. It’s a highly improbable place to discover a group of individuals with a penchant for classic doom metal à la Sabbath and Candlemass, which is exactly what the young quartet has to offer us with their first full-length album “The Hundredth Name”. Prior to this work, they self-released an EP entitled “Pareidolia”, which garnered some heavily enthusiastic reactions and caught the attention of Candlelight Records. This new effort follows in the same vein of the EP, and the songs possess a strong vintage slant with a hint of Sabbath and Candlemass present in the plodding, powerful and monolithic riffs of Phil Burns. Songs like “Devil's Wind”, “Eyes of Zamiel” and "Heathen Child" truly hearken back to glorious days of “Master of Reality” and “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” with those gargantuan riffs recapturing the same chilling crawl that Sabbath and Candlemass nailed on their very first efforts.
This eight-song collection was produced by sludge messiah Billy Anderson, who's worked with artists like High On Fire, Cathedral and Melvins among many others before, and truly knows how to get that big, sludgy sound that works best with Demon Lung. Shandra Fredrick’s voice is also one of the highlights of “The Hundredth Name”; it’s her powerful and enchanting vocalizations that elevate the band’s sound to a whole new and distinct level.
This is highly recommended for fans of occult and classic doom metal, especially those who still spin the classic albums of Candlemass, Sabbath and Trouble once a week.

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