Mumakil - Flies Will Starve | Review

If you’re already familiar with Swiss grinders Mumakil, you know exactly what to expect from them, an extremely chaotic and relentless dose of grindcore. Their newest effort “Flies Will Starve” sounds pretty nasty and catchy on some occasions, but for the most part the music slips into this huge pile of indiscernible and boisterous noise that’s hard to recognise where exactly one song ends and another one starts.
I was massively into their previous work “Behold the Failure”, but sadly Mumakil offer nothing here to prompt you to choose this new work over said album. “Flies Will Starve” possesses neither the raw energy nor the dynamics of “Behold the Failure” and bare a few notable exceptions like “Built of Lies”, “Wrong Turn” and “Blind Disciples”, the songs fly by without leaving a lasting impression. Instead, you’ll get some formulaic and bland riffs that sound way too calculated to grasp the interest from fans of a more inventive brand of grindcore à la Napalm Death or Nasum.
I do reckon that it’s extremely difficult to come up with some truly challenging in the realm of grindcore, but that’s not an excuse for the little disappointment that is “Flies Will Starve”. There’s just a paucity of high class killer riffs here to make this more than a simply okay and solid grindcore release.

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