Best of 2013 | Musicians' Choice Part 6

This year, we decided to ask musicians that we truly admire to pick their favorite albums of the year and name a band they’d like to get together and make a new record in 2014. Check out the choices of Fuck The Facts founder and guitarist Topon Das below.

What are your top 10 releases of 2013?
1. Biipiigwan – Something for Everyone; Nothing for Anyone
2. Daiquiri – Sequel
3. Exhumed – Necrocracy
4. Antigama – Meteor
5. Meek Is Murder – Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters
6. Jucifer – позади волги нет никакой земли
7. The Sun Through A Telescope – I Die Smiling
8. KEN Mode – Entrench
9. Insurrection – Prototype
10. Trench – Circle of Shit / Ruffalo

What’s the best concert you have seen this year?
Antigama at Obscene Extreme

What band would you like to reunite and make a record in 2014?
Dystopia & Priestess