On The Rise: The bands poised to take 2014 by storm by Phil Weller

2013 saw a huge amount of great releases from our genres heavyweights. But, looking away from that, you will find a colossal amount of small, lesser known bands making waves of their own. Here is a playlist shining the spotlight on those for who 2014 is a pivotal year for their growth. Who’s telling what size these bands will become but their potential is huge.
15 bands in all, the playlist offers a variety of bands from all over the world.

Tracer – Wolf In Sheeps Clothes
Australian stoner rock with a little help from Kevin Shirley.

Death Ape Disco – Kingdom Of Others
Gritty rock n’ roll drawing from the likes of Clutch and Alice In Chains.

Noctum – Liberty In Death
Classic and utterly addictive metal from Sweden.

Chron Goblin – Dry Summer
Heavy stoner fuzz with a splash of classic rock.

Brutus – Big Fat Boogie
Retro rock, for fans of Graveyard and Orchid.

Revocation – Invidious
The heaviest track on the playlist, thrash metal with added banjo.

Kadavar – Fire
Damn catchy 70s-tinged rock from Germany.

Striker – Let It Burn
Insanely fun Canadian metal.

Royal Thunder – Parsonz Curse
Psychedelia topped with Mlny Parsonz massive vocals.

Fantasist – Goodnight So Long
Prog rock from my home city of Manchester.

Mammoth Mammoth – Hell’s Likely
If Motörhead were Australian. This is music to break stuff to.

Bloody Hammers – What’s Haunting You
Horror inspired doom rock band who have a fan in Phil Anselmo.

Tides From Nebula – Laughter Of Gods
Polish instrumental post-rock.

Windhand – Orchard 
Female fronted doom. Tune low, play slow.

Catchy thrash metal bringing to mind modern Megadeth.