Earth Crisis – Salvation of Innocents | Review

Syracuse, New York-based quintet Earth Crisis return with their eighth studio album, Salvation of Innocents, which sees the hardcore unit trying to branch out and expand their musical horizons by incorporating more melodic tricks into their sound. It’s not the first time Earth Crisis decides to take a few chances and break out their comfort zone, it happened before with Slither in 2000, quite possibly their most incomprehensible album of their career, when they tried to make their traditional hardcore sound a bit more palatable to the public. Some of the songs here do display a mellower vibe, but on the overall Salvation of Innocents is not as radically experimental as Slither was and still packs some serious punch. More importantly, it sounds unquestionably Earth Crisis.

“De-Desensitize” opens proceedings in classic hardcore style, catchy, furious riffs combined with a heavy, hard-hitting percussion and Karl Buechner’s intimidating bark, intensely potent on the chorus. “Out of the Cages” follows in with a similar attack and is sure to become one of their favorites in the mosh pit, but on “Shiver” these hardcore vets temper their metallic hardcore fury with a healthy dose of melody in the guitar and vocal departments to write one of the most melodic and catchiest songs of the whole album. Yet, on the next track, “The Morbid Glare”, they come up with one of the heaviest and fastest songs of their career and you just can’t help imagining how much chaos and havoc Earth Crisis will provoke in the pit when they play this song live. More melodies, an incorporation of some rock-influenced riffs and a mixture of harmonized singing with an angry screaming permeate some of the remaining tracks, interspersing the hostility with some up-tempo rhythms and infectious moments.

Salvation of Innocents is surely a bit different from what we’re accustomed to get from Earth Crisis, but it’s still good release displaying a great energy and some fresh ideas and that’s not bad at all for a band that is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary.

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