Execration – Morbid Dimensions | Review

I never quite understood the expression “forward-thinking” when applied to music or in this particular case, death metal. You may disagree, but there’s no such thing as forward-thinking death metal. The style was invented decades ago, perfected over the years and when you look at the most irreverent and innovative death metal bands of today, they’re simply following the rules laid down by classic acts like Possessed, Death, Morbid Angel and Entombed and adding their own personal touch. It’s not like we’re talking about science.

That said, Norwegian death metal troupe Execration can hardly be called for…err that, or even innovative as the press release suggests. Instead, these Norwegians play an old school death metal style that reminds me of Gorguts at times, so it’s nothing incredibly new or different. It’s not overly technical like the Canadians either, but Morbid Dimensions displays some labyrinthine, dissonant guitars chords amidst the murky death metal madness, which makes the whole experience sound extremely intriguing and confusing. Perhaps a more fitting description would be their fellow compatriots Cadaver, but with Carl-Michael Eide bringing in some of the eerie riffs he used for Virus and Ved Buens Ende. The ability to blend some of the most twisted and sinister riffing with blasting drums and demoniac growls is definitely the album crowning achievement, but unfortunately it’s also what sometimes prevents Morbid Dimensions from being a truly stunning record. See, “Ritual Hypnosis” is an intriguing track in sound and structure that displays such modus operandi with stunning results, with the guitars balancing between a chaotic onslaught to a more dissonant and angular approach. Yet, it’s the same intricacy of the riffs make a track like “Tribulation Shackles” (surprisingly the one that reminds me the most of Virus and Ved Buens Ende) sound a bit stale and lacking in power.

Still, Morbid Dimensions is fairly consistent and has plenty of stunning, disquieting moments that will surely leave a very good impression when presented to fans of Portal, Mitochondrion and Cadaver.

Band info: www.facebook.com/execrationnorway
Label info: www.duplicate-records.com | www.hellsheadbangers.com