Obituary - Inked In Blood | Review

Don’t know about you, but this is just what the doctor ordered, classic death metal with no frills, overflowing with catchy, cranium-crushing riffs. You can always count on Obituary for some neck-snapping, straightforward death metal and their new effort for Relapse Records, Inked In Blood, offers up plenty of crushing riffs and hooks that will surely incite some vigorous headbanging.

Inked In Blood is a strong album and as always sees Obituary masterfully combining a brutal and blasting death metal with some slower, groovy passages without ever losing the ability to crush. It’s nearly impossible to sit quietly to tunes like "Visions In My Head" and "Violence".

The album, however, isn't perfect as some of the songs get a bit samey at times, as if Trevor Peres and new boy Kenny Andrews are merely rehashing the same riffs, but still there’re enough classy tunes here to prevent Inked in Blood from turning into a tiresome experience. Plus, this beats most of today’s death metal bands who could certainly learn a thing or two about hooks from these veterans.

I reckon this is business as usual for the Florida boys and Inked In Blood doesn’t offer anything new, but they do it so well that it doesn't really matter that we've all heard it before. Accept it for what it is, just turn it up and enjoy some good, straightforward death metal, you won't be disappointed.

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