Shaving the Werewolf Unveil Animated Music Video for "Sentient Husk"

Norway's Shaving the Werewolf, known for their unique blend of noise rock and mathcore, has released a captivating animated music video for their single "Sentient Husk." The track is from their latest release, the God Whisperer EP.

The video depicts a dystopian future where misery and pollution dominate, and wealth is grotesquely uneven. "The video is a septic mess showing a general apartment complex from the future," says vocalist Ottar. It portrays people resorting to chemical solutions to cope with the harsh realities of depression, alienation, and hopelessness, while a central figure with a god complex thrives on their misery.

Since 2010, Shaving the Werewolf has delivered a provocative mix of power violence, noise rock, and mathcore, leaving an indelible mark with their intense live shows and unique sound. Watch the new video for "Sentient Husk" below.