Exodus - The Atrocity Exhibition

Might as well get one thing clear: Exodus won’t do another “Bonded by Blood” and I mean ever! Just like Metallica won’t craft another “Master of Puppets” or Slayer won’t produce the sequel to “Reign in Blood”, these are different times and people obviously evolve, so we shouldn’t resent them for that. Having said that, all stubborn-Exodus fans still clinging to the belief there will be another album to outdo the sheer class and ingenuity of “Bonded by Blood”, should wake up to the cruel reality that a lightning doesn’t strike twice on the same place.
Well, that hasn’t stopped them from pumping out awesome albums, which is exactly the adjective their latest work “The Atrocity Exhibition” garners.
The second record with vocalist Rob Dukes, who replaced the controversial Steve Souza on the striking “Shovel Headed Kill Machine”, “The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A” is a fine work of pure unadulterated Thrash Metal and shows a band firmly consistent in both its delivery and style. A proof that all the line-up shuffles that continuously plagued the Bay Area group in the past didn’t hindered the band’s development and commitment.
After the initial and mandatory intro “Call to Arms”, things kick off in typical Exodus style with “Riot Act”, catchy, seething riffs, clinking bass lines and fast, pounding drums along with a harsh, angry vocal attack. It’s an album much about the power of riff and Exodus has two excellent guitarists, founding member Gary Holt and Lee Altus craft more riffs with plenty of hooks than Britney Spears makes the headline news in pink magazines. “Funeral Hymn”, for example, is bound to make you headbang like a maniac from start to end.
“The Atrocity Exhibition” also marks the second comeback of long-time original Exodus drummer Tom Hunting and although Paul Bostaph’s drumming on “Shovel Headed Kill Machine” is monstrous and full of details, his rolls and cymbal work are simply amazing, Hunting’s has the perfect sense of rhythm for Exodus concise and direct style.
Bottom line, all the elements which made Exodus so grandiosely great in the hey day are recreated here to some extent, add to that detail nearly 25 years of experience and a first class and modern production courtesy of Andy Sneap and will get a classic work that will come second to “Bonded By Blood”, “The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A”, no less. Rest my case. (7/10)

Band info: www.exodusattack.com
Label info: www.nuclearblast.de