Eyes of Eden- Faith

For those unfamiliar with the name, Eyes of Eden is the latest sonic venture of renowned producer and former Despair/Grip Inc. guitarist Waldemar Sorychta, however it should be stated that those expecting some musical leanings towards Thrash-Metal will be slightly disappointed as Sorychta has opted to follow the path he helped clear while producing bands like Lacuna Coil and The Gathering. With a line-up featuring prominent names as His Infernal Majesty (that’s HIM to the more distracted) drummer Gas Lipstick, ex-Pain/Disillusion bassist Alla Fedynitch and introducing newly discovered vocalist Franziska Huth, the guitarist strays way from his usual thrashy surroundings to deliver a gothic metal sound that although is fairly competent and above-average fails to make a real impression.
Perhaps the biggest drawback of “Faith” is the predictability of the arrangements as Eyes of Eden has fallen into every Gothic-Metal cliché. Sure, Sorychta has proven himself very worthy when it comes to polish and perfect a sound and between all the dramatic orchestrated strings, catchy and melodic choruses, smooth guitar chords and passionate female vocals, there’s hardly anything that falls out of place. However, there’s also very little to distinguish them from the rest of the crowd, merely sound like a second rate Lacuna Coil or The Gathering, which is simply not enough considering the vast experience of the band’s mastermind as musician and producer within the Metal scene. (5/10)

Band info: www.eyesofeden.de
Label info: www.centurymedia.de