Grand Magus - Iron Will

The opening theme of Grand Magus latest work “Like The Oar Strikes The Water” is such an incredibly invigorating and addictive song that makes me feel like Rocky Balboa running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. A remarkable exercise on Heavy-Metal of Epic proportions, “Like The Oar Strikes The Water” ostentate some truly powerful and galloping riffing so bloody infectious and catchy that along with a colossal and memorable chorus aroused an exciting tingle in me to lift some weights and then crank up a serious tumult at the nearest bar. Or “Iron Will” is that’s good and touching or I’m just downright influenceable.
Honestly, I believe that the Swedes fourth full length work is a masterful record, veering even further towards the more Heavy-Metal direction Grand Magus were exploring on their previous work “Wolf’s Return”, though Black Sabbath, specially the Dio-years continues to be one of their privileged sources of inspiration.
The Stockholm trio nowadays mostly favour a more traditional Metal framework, more muscular and faster in its structure yet at the same revealing a completely laidback and grooving vibe. “Fear Is The Key” is a good example of such creative mood, drummer Seb hammers down his snares and cymbals with a thundering violence, the bass lines of Fox rumble with a groovy resonance and vocalist/guitarist JB crafts out amazing riffs that carry out a New Wave of British Heavy Metal feel and leads that would make Smith/Murray blush.
Elsewhere, “The Shadows Knows” also has vintage vibe akin to the early days of Iron Maiden and “Silver Into Steel” possess the same epic quality Manowar can pull off on rare occasions.
As previously mentioned, Black Sabbath still is one of the main reference points to describe Grand Magus and songs like “Iron Will” display a chugging riffing that has Iommi written all over it. “Self-Deceiver” is equally Sabbath-driven with a low and heavy bass resonance that brings to mind Geezer Butler’s style.
True Heavy-Metal doesn’t get any better than “Iron Will”.

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