The Crimson Armada - Behold the Architect

Recently snapped by Metal Blade Records, Ohio’s The Crimson Armada deftly engages in a cataclysmic Death-Metal somewhat similar to The Black Dahlia Murder throughout the six tracks that constitute their debut EP “Behold the Architect”.
After the intro theme, an atmospheric piece titled “Behold” showing a distant voice narrating verses from the Qur’an, “Desecrated” sets the frantic pace with a vicious Death-Metal played with an unrelenting fury that sounds as if Armageddon has descended upon us. Rabid rhythms, brutal riffs chopped at a breakneck speed and a schizophrenic vocal duality are traits that set them stylistically close to their now label mates. Vocalist Saud Ahmed can perfectly rival with Trevor Strnad in intensity stakes with his deep growls interspersed with high-pitched shrieks.
Sure, this isn’t the most original thing you’re likely to hear this year, but “Behold the Architect” shows a group with character and ambition so watch out for The Crimson Armada in the near future, because the best is yet to come. (6.5/10)

Band info: www.myspace/thecrimsonarmada
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