Anael - From Arcane Fires

Inside the booklet of “From Arcane Fires” there’re photos of Germans Anael flashing out some rather expensive Gibson Les Paul and SG models, yet the sound emanating from the speakers could easily be recreated with any third-rate guitar.
See, the lengthy opening track “Devil’s Tongues” starts out with a rather buzzing guitar tone that along with the usual grim and harsh vocalisations reveal a strong adherence to a more traditional and rudimentary Black-Metal style, which I must confess not to be my liking. Although the German trio display some dynamism over the first two songs, the aforementioned “Devil’s Tongues” and “She Is Ever A Moon”, swaying from grim Black-Metal to a more slumber and doomy approach close to Tiamat circa “Clouds” age, I was inclined to dismiss Anael for another generic and rather uninteresting Black-Metal act, until the third song “Down Winding Stairs” flows in and totally changes my perspective on their third full-length work.
A 10-plus minute composition of quirky textures, echoing guitar chords, doomy riffs and hypnotic rhythms, “Down Winding Stairs” is one of the bands finest pieces of work, as it demonstrates ambition and creative accomplishment with Anael walking into an alternative and progressive route that hints at Natchmystium, though not overly psychedelic as the North-Americans. It is nicely balanced by the following two themes "Blood & Honey”, which reveals a greater emphasis on a more dirgey-like atmosphere and “Song of the Moth”, which isn’t too dissimilar in structure and approach.
If future compositions lean more towards such innovative and talented song-writing style, Anael could easily become one of the most daring and interesting Black-Metal acts of nowadays.

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