Invisible FlameLight - Lozenge's First Triangle

North, deep Portugal. Cold, really cold. You can do one of two things: sit by the fireplace or go to your basement and form a band. Well, that's what tends to happen in north Portugal. ThanatoSchizo, Encephalon, Primordial Melody and now Invisible FlameLight (used to call themselves Invisible FlameLight Into a Ghost Planet) are just some examples of the intense musical activity there.
‘Lozenge's First Triangle’ was recorded in 2007, by the living Portuguese heavy metal legends Paulo e Luis Barros (from Tarantula). What to say about this EP? It's not entirely original, but it's a fucking solid start.
Combining elements of Pantera, Tool, (good old) Machine Head and King Crimson, these guys deliver some powerful modern thrash/death metal, with some prog moments (great work on the bass). They have great potential to evolve into something even better and to create their own brand and sound - they're actually writing their first full-length.
But do not take these as words as bad; these guys have the perfect sound to wake you up while going to work, college or something dull. And believe me, it makes you headbang at the streets, making other people stare at you like you were some freak.
Really, try listening to it at 9 o'clock in the morning - or whatever - and it's a guaranteed headbang, air guitar and air drums. It's rock all the way through!
Sometimes it's better to stay true to your old faves that try to re-invent the whole metal scene, what eventually will only lead to re-invent a whole new way to write a bad review.
Good production - as Rec 'n' Roll studios ever had - and great musicianship. The only thing they have to re-do it's the graphic design: in a time when you need to make visual impact on people, a better MySpace and cover are needed. Besides that, total support!
Oh, and I almost forgot: you can download it for free in their MySpace!

António Matos Silva

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