Insanus - Wrath of Creation

“Wrath of Creation’s” opening track "Rise of the Fallen" starts off with an impressive double bass drumming and a fierce, skilful and catchy riffing that evokes memories of Lamb of God’s razor sharp attack juxtaposed with a typically Swedish sense for melody and dynamics. It’s a crushing opener that will violently grab us by the balls and force us to take notice.
The following tracks from this impressive debut EP also sees the young Portuguese act skilfully straddling the line between American and Swedish metal and although their influences are easily identifiable it never turns into some shameless homage to relevant artists peddling these two characteristic and highly influential styles of music. Third track for instance “Bitter Life” has a Swedish death-metal backbone somewhat reminiscent of Amon Amarth, it’s powerful, catchy and fairly melodic with the guitars showcasing more harmonies, some even could be considered epic. “Whispers” also has an epic tinge in their harmonized guitars, masterfully supported by a skilful guitar solo and a remarkable drum work that keeps the rhythm constantly transiting between a furious and a pummelling mid-tempo pace.
Despite having formed a mere three years ago, Insanus already reveals a strong and extremely focused song-writing grip and could easily evolve into one of the most interesting and devastating acts from Portugal’s current metal crop.

David Alexandre

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