Thorun – Chorus of Giants

Thorun’s debut EP “Reprise”, released early last year, didn’t make huge waves, but did garner positive reviews and a small following of loyal fans. Their new EP “Chorus of Giants” sees the Wales four-piece improving their songwriting skills, shifting between loose and swinging grooves to powerful, bone-shattering doses of sludge, conjuring up a vibe that is comparable to a grittier Karma to Burn. Just like those US instrumental rockers, Thorun ditch the use of vocals altogether, which means guitarists Keeran Williams and Jonny Evans not only have to pluck out some killer riffs that burn with the same raging fire as a V8 engine, they must also have to carry some infectious melodies to hold the interest of listeners. Something they masterfully accomplished on “Chorus of Giants”.
There’s not much more that needs to be said about this band and this EP; the music speaks for itself. Anyone who appreciates engaging, swinging and instrumental driven stoner/sludge rock will surely enjoy Thorun. (7.2/10)

David Alexandre