Vithr - Hedensk Skikk Og Tro

Vithr is the first project to emerge from the Demonhood stable, a new label founded by the fellows behind Duplicate Records and Neseblod Records, and just as expected, it doesn’t disappoint. Einar Sjurs√ł always has shown a certain talent in finding new and interesting metal projects from Norway and Vithr, which means ‘tree’ in ancient Norwegian, is another great discovery that truly lives up to the high standards set by other groups originating from Bergen like Immortal, Gorgoroth, Taake and Hades.
Vithr doesn’t sound blatantly like any of these bands, their songs do possess a primitive and malevolent ambience that brings to mind the likes of Gorgoroth and Taake, yet they also throw in some folk elements and some acute dynamics into their songwriting making of “Hedensk Skikk Og Tro” a great musical experience that doesn’t bore or saturate the listener throughout its twelve themes. 
Songs like “Trolldom”, “Ild”, “Grantre og bark” and “I Skogen” all exude an intriguing and haunting atmosphere, balancing the heavy, grim nature of early black metal and the ethereal in near-perfect measure. On the other hand, the title theme, “Avgrunnens Menn” and “Maanekult” are ravaging takes on primitive, raw and caustic black metal, played with more conviction and feeling than virtually anyone else that has attempted this sort of sound over the course of the last decade. 
Overall, Vithr is undoubtedly one of the best new traditional black metal bands to have emerged in the last few years. (8/10)


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