Meshuggah + Decapitated + C.B Murdoc @ Paradise Garage | Live Review

Meshuggah + Decapitated + C.B Murdoc @ Paradise Garage 
28 November 2012

Despite being a very cold night and the innumerable gigs scheduled for Lisbon this week, the Paradise Garage room is surprisingly packed with metallers eager to witness the return of Meshuggah to these shores.
It is up to fellow countrymen CB Murdoc to open the hostilities with a technical death/thrash metal not too far removed from tonight’s headliners. The sound is not the best, the vocals in particular sound a bit buried behind the guitars, still they play with the kind of conviction and ability of a group that know their shit.
The sound quality gets infinitely better when Polish metallers Decapitated hit the stage to punish us with their furious and heavy death-metal. The four-piece stirred up the crowd by playing new highlights like “Homo Sum” along with classic hits like Spheres Of Madness and “Day 69” proving that they’re on top form, especially the charismatic frontman RafaƂ "Rasta" Piotrowski, who barks and screams like a possessed man.
But even Decapitated’s solid performance is outshined by the triumphant Meshuggah, who deliver a stunning and flawless performance. The band are totally imperious tonight, cranking out blistering tunes like “Bleed”, “Rational Haze” and “Future Breed Machine” with razor-sharp precision. Once again, Meshuggah have proved themselves as masters in this game, and it’s hard to think of anyone else who can rival them.

Photos: Francisco Cordeiro