Ulcer - Grant Us Death | Review

There are no surprises here, as can be expected from Pulverised Records, Ulcer play old school death metal. Yet this Polish bunch does it with a Swedish vibe. What you’re getting with “Grant Us Death” is a true homage to classic works such as “Left Hand Path” and “Like An Ever Flowing Stream”, straight-up Swedish death metal done in the good and old fashion way. It’s fairly unoriginal, that much is true, but don’t you be too quick to dismiss this record for its lack of innovation, ´cause Ulcer plays death metal better than most of their peers. The Polish sextet regurgitate that classic, chainsaw-like buzzing guitar crunch created by Entombed and blend it with just the right amount of harmonies, ravaging leads and bestial grunts with great results.
Although “Grant Us Death” is not an essential or utterly striking, it’s still a strong and rather enjoyable record that reminds us just how good death metal can be when it's not watered down and overplayed. (6.8)

Band info: www.facebook.com/Ulcerdeathmetal
Label info: www.pulverised.net