Beaten To Death - At Rockefeller | Review

Last year when Beaten to Death released their acclaimed debut album, “Xes and Strokes”, they were accused by some publications of being hipsters, or in other words, of not playing an authentic grindcore style. The truth is that the Norwegians never really tried to be another one of those numerous grind projects out there who religiously copy the formula Napalm Death created more than thirty years ago. There’s nothing wrong with a good, straight-up grind record, but Beaten To Death certainly bended and twisted the rules of engagement by incorporating some big grooves and catchy melodies alongside their ferocious grindcore. With incredible results, I must add. 
“At Rockefeller” is actually a live recording, captured this year in Oslo, when the band opened for Killswitch Engage. Despite being a live recording, this release underlines their fresh and irreverent take on grind, with the band performing all the songs from their debut effort plus, some new and unreleased songs with sharp precision and wild intensity. Whether they’re playing blindingly fast and, well a bit slower, the band’s energy is consistent and never falters, drummer Christian "Bartender (also with Tsjuder) sounds like a powerhouse, bashing the skins with frenetic vehemence, while the frenzied guitar work of Martin and Tommy (both from technical metallers Insense) resonates with a killer intensity and a surprising catchiness.
If you’re a fan of off kilter and frantic grind then, “At Rockefeller” is definitely a live album worth owning. (8)