Baptists - Bushcraft | Review

They call themselves Baptists, but don’t go thinking that these Canadians preach the word of Jesus. Their doctrine is a whole different one and deals with nothing but the most ruthless and don’t-give-a-fuck crust-influenced hardcore.
Employing the same fusion of abrasive crust and frantic hardcore that recall bands like Cursed and Nails, coupled with the metallic riffs that nods to All Pigs Must Die latest work, “Bushcraft” is mercilessly brutal and furious from start to finish. It’s not an original combination, granted, but these guys play their instruments with such vigour and intensity that the fact that you heard it all before doesn’t really matter.
Although every track on “Bushcraft” is great, tracks like “Think Tank Breed”, “Bullet” and “Mortar Head” best demonstrates the piercing intensity with which Baptists assault our senses. Killer stuff from a young group with lots of potential! 

Band info: www.facebook/baptists
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